Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa envy

I don't usually feel jealous of people who live in Iowa. It has never been on my top ten list of places I might like to live. In fact, the strongest impression that I have of Iowa is that three years ago, as I drove across Iowa on 80, there was no place to get a good cup of coffee.

So it feels quite strange to be feeling so envious of the folks in Iowa.

The thing is, I am a political junkie. I love to watch the news, read about the candidates, and listen to talk radio, not just during the election but all the time. I debate with my TV. I say things to my kids and two minutes later some talking head makes the same brilliant point.

So it is very frustrating to live in a state where the primary is so late as to be almost completely beside the point. Why should Iowa get to be first? They don't deserve it, as the Republicans proved last night by giving a majority vote to the Huckster. (Look for an upcoming post on homeschoolers who don't like Mike.)

I want to meet Fred Thompson while I'm pumping gas. I want a chance to cast a vote for the candidate that I think should be the nominee and have it potentially matter.

So, yes, for a few days I am suffering from Ioway envy. But I suppose even if my primary vote isn't worth a hairball, at least here I can get a cup of good coffee.


Polly said...

I am suffering Wisconsin envy because I would have loved to get Lydia to Susan's new year's eve event.

Jane said...

Okay, now I'm suffering from Ohio envy, 'cause I haven't seen you for a long time!

Jacqui said...

You should be envious of those living in Iowa! It's a great place to live :-) I was a little surprised by the Huckabee win, too. I took an online quiz on the presidential candidates, and it actually picked him as the candidate who matched my answers. So, go figure. I think I'm more in line with Thompson.


Me said...

I took that quiz. It amazingly came back as 97.3% Ronald Reagan.


Adriane said...

Oh, c'mon, Jane. We TOTALLY deserve to have the first caucus. Doesn't putting up with farmers, pigs, intense heat, and too much humidity count for anything these days? Anyway, just for the record, if you would have come home for Christmas with Lauren and Ollie and Jason and I, you WOULD have run into Fred Thompson while pumping gas. Literally. Maybe in four years?? Until then, be thankful you don't get up to ten political phone calls a night over the supper hour. For a few weeks, my dad was even answering the phone, "No, I will not vote for Mitt Romney!" :)