Thursday, April 05, 2007


If you listen to music while you're online you have to check out Pandora. I've had fun setting up some "stations" and I've already found a couple of artists that I hadn't listened to before that I am enjoying.

By the time I finally get an iPod I'm going to really know what I want.


~Jennifer said...

That is really cool!

Anonymous said...

I love Pandora! It's interesting to see what songs play after I've let it go a while and haven't commented on my preference for the song. Sometimes the choices get really weird. I've found some new artists (like you) that I really enjoy and I can listen to lots of music I don't own. I'm only limited by the location of my computer (near the kitchen, which is where I spend most of my time anyway). My only disappointment is that I can't listen to classical music, but I understand the limitations with that.

I finally bought an ipod a few weeks ago. I thought I would put all sorts of my favorite music on there (I will) but instead I've been catching up on old Issues, Etc. programs while I exercise. It's been great!