Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Media hyperventilation

Does anyone besides me think that the media is being unrealistic with their treatment of the shooting at Virginia Tech? Their suggestions that police should have shut down the campus after the first shooting seem very much like disingenuous Monday-morning quarterbacking.

We are talking about a 2,600 acre campus with 30,000 students. That would be the equivalent of shutting down a small city. The first shooting was believed to have been a personal thing. They're describing it as a "domestic dispute," which doesn't strike me as an entirely accurate characterization, but does convey an idea of the situation. Do they really think that school officials should have--or could have--warned thousands of people not to go to class because a guy shot his girlfriend?

So now everytime there is a domestic shooting in a US city the mayor should warn everyone not to leave his home because there has been a shooting?

They keep calling this a "school shooting." A large university campus is a far cry from your local high school. During a press conference yesterday there was incredulity that campus buildings, except for dorms, are open, not locked. Huh?! Have any of these people actually been to college? Of the four colleges that I attended only one could even manage to keep the dorms locked. And no security of that sort would have mattered anyway, because the shooter was a student.

Addendum: Polly addresses the another important aspect of this incident.


Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

YES!!!! It was the first thing that hit me when I started reading about it yesterday. It blew me away that was what they were focusing on ALREADY. I expected it to take at least 24 hours for them to start talking about how the powers that be are not keeping us safe.

I was planning on blogging about this today, too.

I also like Colin Cowherd's statement (ESPN Radio), that we still need to keep in mind that this is incredibly rare that this could happen...no one could predict this. But in a FREE SOCIETY, we cannot prevent it.

Thank you for bringing this up!!!

Lisa said...

I agree... nice post and well said!

Scottius Maximus said...

Indiana Jane!

Ain't it the truth. I refuse to watch this stuff anymore. Welcome to the 21st century in America. It's enough to make me rant.

Just add this to the ever growing list of things we can mindlessly beat to death. Greta oughta love this. This single event just provided her with over a year's worth of shows. Maybe Anna Nicole can finally drop out of the news.

And it's no longer enough for a person to be responsible for their actions. Let's see who else and what else can be blamed. "What did they know and when did they know it?" It churns my stomach. What gets me is that people eat this phlegm up with a large spoon.

Va. Tech was obviously the culprit here, not this troubled young person. Katrina's aftermath was the fault of the government's failure of the people. Columbine happened because of a lack of gun control. And 9/11 happened because our government failed to keep us secure.

We are a weak people. If evolution were true we definitely wouldn't survive.

Frank said...

I agree. The media certainly don't know the real deal about what they are talking. This information will only give people different impressions about the ability of the police.

Designated Knitter said...


The shooter isn't considered responsibile - it's the government and campus administrators who should have prevented it.

And if the police had made the wild assumption that this was obviously the work of someone who was likely going to shoot more people, and they had managed to "lock down" the campus, perhaps this student would have been locked in as well and killed even more people??

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Good post. I agree. I can't even bring myself to watch much of it. And if more strict gun laws are created, do you think that will stop the crazy people from using guns?! No way! Laws against murder don't seem to stop them!

Ed said...

That's the reason why others have a different view of the story. The media is certainly not an expert in all fields. Let's just leave the professionals do their area of expertise.