Monday, October 09, 2006

A new kitchen sink!

Yes, I know it's strange thing to be so excited about, but I got a new kitchen sink! It will still be a week or so until it's installed because we are buying the faucet on ebay to save some money, but I have the sink.

It will be wonderful to have a shiny new sink, because the old one is a particularly yucky black acrylic sink. But the best part is that this is one step closer to having our house ready to sell! The house that we liked is still available and last week I heard from the owners of another house that we are interested in that they are getting ready to sell. It is an all-brick house with a pool, a finished dormer that would be wonderful for our scrapbooking and sewing and it's just a couple of blocks from Redeemer. Plus we already like the neighbors. :)


Susan said...

All right, I want to know who the neighbors are.

bean said...

Mrs. Casey, being excited about a new kitchen sink is a perfectly normal thing! Your joy at the moment is NOTHING compared to the happiness my Mom would have with a new sink -- I'm jealous! ;o) Enjoy it!

Jane said...

The neighbors would be the Petersens. :)