Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This book is hilarious

At any given time I have six or seven books going. I'm usually reading one business-related book, one book on some aspect of politics or economics, one theology book, one book on time management/organization or something else hopeless, one book on wellness, and often a biography or memoir and a fairly serious work of fiction. But no matter what else I'm reading I always have at least one light book going. This is the quick read. This is the fun book that I throw in my purse to spend a few minutes with when I have to wait for a train. This is the one I read while I do my hair.

The last, best of these was Bitter is the New Black. I laughed out loud. I read bits out loud to my daughter. I loaned it to my friend Lori. It is hilarious. I think that the best way to know if this book would appeal to you is to read the title and subtitle. Do you get it? Do you know Prada? Does any of it in any (unfortunate) way remind you of yourself? If the answers are yes, read it. If not, don't.


Favorite Apron said...

You read while you do your hair?
I often wonder how you get it all done.

Jane said...

I read while I do almost all mundane tasks. :) And since my hair turns out about the same whether I pay attention or not, I figure I shouldn't waste too much of my brain on it.

Marie N. said...

So nice to see you and your daughter in our neck of the woods this weekend!