Saturday, August 26, 2006

The shoes, for real

First, I've gotta say that I am soooo glad Macy's bought out L.S. Ayres. Ayres was always crammed full of stuff, so that it was hard to find what you wanted. Now that Macy's has taken over the store is much more open and cleaner feeling, and yet--even with more open space--there seems to be more to choose from.

So, the first pair of shoes is a brand carried only by Macy's: Marc Fisher.

The second pair is AK, and although they look impractical I have already worn them several times. And since blogger has suddenly stopped uploading my pictures, here's a link to the shoe. (Ooooh, lots of views.)

I'll have to post later about my comfy shoes, since Blogger is being buggy this morning.

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