Saturday, March 04, 2006

Reality TV

The (un)reality tv shows are back in full force. The Apprentice, unfortunately, debuted opposite 24, so I had to make a choice and picked Jack Bauer over The Donald. The Amazing Race was off to South America this week. (I love that show!) I'm with Mutti, though, about why I could never be an amazing racer. Project Runway, on Bravo, is winding up and we're afraid Santino may beat out Daniel & Chloe, because his final collection just looks superior, but anything can happen. Survivor, of course is moving along, but since it's opposite the American Idol results show, it too has been relegated to the back burner. (And once we stop watching for a couple of weeks the interest dies quickly.)

Of course, if it weren't for the DVR I wouldn't be able to watch any of them, because I'm never home in the evenings. But with the DVR I can watch them in the vast TV wasteland that is Sunday night.

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Mutti said...

I'm not feeling "the love" for any team on Amazing Race yet. It's more fun to watch when you're rooting for someone. March Madness is coming and it's all hoops all the time at our house then.

Jane said...

I'm not either. I'm sure one of them will grow on me. And I know what you mean about March Madness. It definitely chnges the normal TV patterns around here!
Go Hoosiers!

Rachel said...

Sadly, only my jacket made it onto American Idol.

But I'm rooting for Mandisa and Katherine. (Plus Ace is pretty...)