Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Yes, we watched the Oscars. Bethany and I are just too addicted to pop culture--not to mention fashion--to miss them. I've been crazy-busy today and haven't read any reviews of them, so this is my take without any media input.

There seemed to be something missing. The show lacked a certain je ne sais quois. I think that part of it was the less-than-thrilling movies that were being recognized. There was also quite a bit of star power missing, and many who were there were ignored for the endless camera shots of Heath Ledger and George Clooney.

We enjoyed John Stewart's hosting job, but were fairly certain Hollywood would not appreciate him.He skewered them pretty good a few times.

We were pleased that Crash won best picture and that Reese Witherspoon--in her lovely dess--won best actress. We agreed that the guy who played Capote deserved his Oscar. We were glad that King Kong got at least some recognition. But as usual, we can only take Hollywood in small doses before the stars start to annoy us.

In a year like this when we don't really care about the awards, the dresses are why we watch and we definitely had some favorites. Reese was lovely. We loved Keira Knightley's aubergine dress. Jessica Alba had a beautiful dress. Michelle Williams dress was gorgeous, except for the color. And George Clooney was definitely the winner among the men. The biggest yuck of the night was Naomi Watts dress that looked as if it had been put through a shredder.

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