Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy things #19

 There are two happy things here.

The one that I intended to capture was all of my stuff ready to go for  the first of my two my scrapbooking retreats. Each fall, I attend retreats two weekends in a row. I look forward so much to the time with my friends and the chance to get some work done on my scrapbooks. (And this weekend, the retreat is at a bed & breakfast, and the hubby joins me, too.)

The second happy thing is the cat. She just rejoined the family after spending over a month living in the basement after some fairly traumatic treatment after a fight. (She is still partially bald and has a wound that hasn't completely healed.) She is friendlier than she has been in years, and seems to enjoy being around people again.

And she still climbs on top of whatever is on the floor.

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