Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy thing #30

This is my last promised happy thing. But it definitely isn't my last happy thing post. As I go through my days and weeks, I will be keeping my eyes open for the little things that make my life good, happy, enjoyable. . . .

It's fun to get compliments. And every single time that I wear this necklace I get compliments.
I don't have expensive jewelry. I am more than a little insecure about how I look. I am, and always have been, on the chubby side. I have had severe rosacea since I was 19. I have bad hair.

So, if I want to look good, I pay a lot of attention to my clothes and accessories. On a bad day, wearing this necklace is almost a sure pick me up. I love it, and it must look good, because even strangers comment on it. And I am just shallow enough that that makes me happy.

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Anonymous said...

Stop feeling insecure -- you're beautiful! And you're lots of fun. So even if you weren't beautiful, generous, and smart, we'd all still like you because you're fun. :) (Plus, you have cool friends.)