Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sometimes I have to remind myself to look at things from the proper angle.

I had a cruddy morning. We realized just as I was leaving for work that the circuit that controls the poorly-wired disposal--the circuit that has been off since Saturday evening--also controls our deep freeze. I'm not even going to address the bizarreness of the wiring. Suffice to say it makes no sense.

But I admit that I had a bit of a sobbing meltdown when I looked and saw pounds of thawed meat.

I went ahead and went in and did what I needed to at work, and came home a couple of hours later to sort out what was still usable and what was destined for the garbage. I quickly found myself grateful that I had not had time to order meat from the farm this year. And that I hadn't spent hours picking blueberries in the hot sun, because the few that were in the freezer were ruined. I was grateful for the three bags of frozen sauerkraut; for some reason they stayed frozen and helped keep the meat around them cold.

In the end we lost a lot of food. But we also were able to salvage a lot. Since I needed to go ahead and cook it I have the beginnings of several meals for next week and a big pot of chili for the weekend.

I've been wanting to get my freezer and pantry organized and to simplify things a bit. I've wanted to get some meals or meal starters in the freezer. Done and done.

I'm thankful that this happened after I have my new stove.
I'm thankful that this happened on a cool day, when having the oven on all afternoon just makes the house smell good.
I'm thankful that, although this is an annoyance and an inconvenience, losing this food in no way effects my ability to feed my family well.
I'm thankful that, if the frozen wedding cake was going to thaw, it happened when the newlyweds are coming for the weekend.


Melrose said...

We just had this happen at our house too!! It was a couple weeks ago and we came home after trying to have a fun family evening out (after a really rough week) to a freezer leaking all over the garage floor. We filled one large kitchen garbage back with meat that had to be tossed but salvaged at least another whole garbage bag full. The most miraculous thing about this was, a rancher in our congregation was supposed to have dropped of a whole quarter of a cow two days before and ran out of time. If he had we would have lost all that meat. So though I was tempted to bawl I gave thanks when he came two days later, filled our freezer, then commented how badly he felt that our freezer was so empty and that he was going to give us meat more often! Funny how God works. I'm sorry you lost so much meat but so glad there were some silver linings.

Adriane said...

Oh, Jane. I'm so sorry. Call the Bunko ladies and make them bring you chocolate and wine. They will be happy to do it, and let's face it: it'll help. :)

mandiana said...

I second chocolate and wine! :) You've been added here:

Hope your evening ends beautifully!

Mom said...

I'm thankful you didn't linger long in meltdown, but rather moved quickly to making lemonade. I love you!

Adrienne said...

I love your outlook. Such a blessing!