Monday, January 03, 2011

It's that time again

No, not New Year's Resolution time. Not time to get organized. Or diet. Or exercise.

It's time for me to give myself the lecture about protecting my time and being able to say no. This doesn't mean that I don't want to see or hear from my friends. Or do things with or for them. What it does mean is that suddenly I find my plate full of tasks that people are expecting me to do, in a certain time frame, but I am waiting on information, etc., from others to be able to do them. So I am getting behind and stressed. These are the kind of things I should say no to. I do not enjoy having responsibility for things that I am not in charge of.

So friends, if you notice I'm seeming rushed and stressed, it isn't you. And I'm not too busy; I'm just the wrong kind of busy.


Bikermom said...

Perhaps there is a twelve step program. I SO understand what you are saying. I think I am now getting a reputation for doing nothing but stay home......except when we trip off to Ft. Wayne every so often. You can do it Jane!

Brooke said...

Thank's for inviting us over for the Super bowl Miss.casey

Jane said...

I am looking forward to it! :)

RPW said...

That's a good guideline "Am I responsible for something I'm not in charge of?" I think I am going to go write that one down.

Love ya, Jane.

Elephantschild said...

"the wrong kind of busy"

Boy, that's a descriptive phrase!

Good point.