Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricks, no treats

Picture: Halloween, 2008

This is our first year with no Halloween costumes. I suppose with a house full of teens and adults that isn't so unusual, but our kids always dress up and we usually have friends over. This year we had the usual plans, and the pirates were set to reappear, but Andrew is sick. Having the youngest down kind of took the wind out of the crew's sails.

I think next year we'll need to plan a costume party. I haven't dressed up for a long time. For this year I'll have to content myself with giving candy to the neighbor kids.


Elephantschild said...

I am just NOT a costume-y sort of person! Never really was, either. Guess I'm a party pooper!

organistsandra said...

Thanks for the picture - I'd forgotten!
Nat and Meg drove all the way to Mankato (with other friends - our van was full) to visit more friends at Bethany. I'm sure they're having a fun Halloween.