Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Head, meet post

It really was a resounding thump.

As I tried to evade some heavy smoke rolling off of our campfire, I turned and ran. Straight into a 6X6 cross beam at the shelter house.

I'm not sure exactly how I got onto the ground, although I know I didn't fall hard because the rest of me didn't hurt. My kids said I kind of staggered and half fell, half sat. I just remember being on the ground with my little brother holding onto my shoulders and cradling me from behind.

Yeah, it hurt. And I was dizzy and nauseous. So I let them take me to the emergency room. And the people at the ER were very nice and put me in a wheelchair, then a bed, then a CT scan.

After a couple of hours they sent me home with a diagnosis of mild concussion and some instructions that--thankfully--included rest. I'm glad they included rest because that's really all I've felt up to so far this week.

I think that the next thing on my list is getting reacquainted with my chiropractor. The ER doctor said that the effect on my neck would be similar to a whiplash injury and I'm feeling it today.

The morale of the story: Don't run with your eyes shut, even if they're full of smoke.


The Celebrated Author said...

Oh, I'm sorry! I hope you're feeling better soon.

(I don't recall if I've ever commented before. This is Margaret.)

organistsandra said...

Jane - that's awful! I've hit my head hard before, and it hurt like crazy, but I've never hit it concussion-hard.

Rest. rest. rest.

Marie N. said...

Yikes! Do go for that rest, other things can wait.

Jane said...

Sandy, the ironic thing is I've had more painful head bumps before that didn't leave me dizzy and nauseous. There must be something about where and how I hit it that made it less immediately painful, but more long-lasting.

Michelle Waters said...

Thanks for your side bar! I'm a Lutheran home schooler and blogger as well and I honestly didn't know there were so many out there! I can't wait to click through your list!