Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some blog stuff

I'm trying to decide what to do with my blog.

It has never been very focused, but it is becoming less and less focused over time. It's certainly a fair reflection of it's owner! What I'm thinking that I may do is go back to blogging on my homeschooling blog, with a set posting schedule there, because I like to post about homeschooling, but not every day.

I may start a new blog for my book reviews and tracking my reading challenges.

That would leave this blog for everyday stuff and politics, with reference to books and homeschooling thrown in. I already do this with my genealogy blog.

So I'm thinking about it.


Susan said...

Personally, I kinda like having all your stuff in one spot, unfocused though it may be.

Anonymous said...

Me, too! I like reading your unfocused thoughts. It's like having a wonderful conversation that delightfully meanders through a variety of subjects.

Jane said...

I was hoping some of you would pipe up and tell me what you think. :) It helps.

ghp said...

I'm a fan of the unfocused method (witness my own trainwreck...).

But if you do end up wanting to start another blog, and you don't want to do it at Blogger or a free site like that, give me a holler -- I can set you up with something like I did TK. Even if you just want something to play around & experiment with, that's ok too. Just send me an email & I'll get you fixed up...