Monday, December 08, 2008

Blog roundup

Several of the blogs that I read have really good posts today, so just in case you haven't seen them I thought I'd share a few. Sort of a mini blog carnival!

Cheryl has a post about Obama's agenda pertaining to health care. I love this line: "I think a lot of people are going to wake up in a few years with a massive Obama hangover...."

Scott has this interesting bit of info and analysis.

Rebekah shares a childhood misunderstanding that is really a profound truth.

Evan writes about the disturbing changes to the Oxford University Press junior dictionary.

Finally, Spunky has an interesting post about what homeschool success is. I think this may generate its own blog post in the next couple of days.


Cate said...

Thanks, Jane! Some interesting reads there.

Cheryl said...

I probably swiped that phrase from someone--nothing new under the sun, you know--but i couldn't tell you from whom.

Thanks for the hat tip!