Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Strangely satisfying

I have tons to do. I have another half-bushel of apples to sauce. My house is about 1/3 clean, (Yes, the rooms commonly seen by visitors are relatively clean.) There's a pile of laundry. I have done absolutely nothing with my business in over three weeks.

But I spent an hour this morning ironing kitchen towels and cloth napkins.

I know. They go into a drawer, then they are used, then they go back to the dirty clothes. But they are more pleasant to use when they have been ironed. They fit in the drawer better. And maybe it's just a little tiny bit of order in what seems to be an increasingly insane world.

Besides, I got to listen to on-demand Issues, etc.

1 comment:

elephantschild said...

I hate ironing, generally. But I *like* ironing my stack of garage-sale vintage fabric napkins.