Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not much to say

I can't stand to write any more about the election. Right now I'm just praying.

Actually, I'm praying lots, because I got my Treasury of Daily Prayer, yesterday and I've spent quite a bit of time geeting familiar with it. This is going to be a very good thing!

I've ironed more cloth napkins. And listened to more Issues, etc.

I've filled two recycling bins and a black garbage bag with junk from my office.

We're getting pirate costumes together for tomorrow night.


Genuine Lustre said...

A game: I propose that we all drink whenever somebody says, "The fact of the matter is..." or "Let's be clear..."

I have vowed to remain optimistic. I think America will pull thru - people can't really be that stupid ( can they?)

Jane said...

That's what I'm hoping!

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the "Treasury," too. It looks great. They did a good job putting it together.

We'll just have to see about the election - I've been praying ...