Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spinning my wheels

I don't feel like I'm making much progress right now. I have so many things that I need to be doing and none of them are getting the attention that they deserve. I'm trying to get our house ready to sell before someone buys the house we want. I'm trying to spend some time on my business so that we can afford to fix up that house if we buy it. The new school year is coming and I am making some changes in our homeschooling routine, but I haven't planned out exactly what those are. (I just know that my boys aren't going to know what hit them!)

I'm trying to learn how to knit before my company's convention and the hours that I'll spend on the airplane and in sessions listening to speakers. (I listen better if my hands are engaged.) HELP me Lora!!

Yes, The Feast consumed a chunk of time and it's over so I should have that time back. Unfortunately, instead my mind just keeps mulling over Higher Things-related thoughts. (This may be a later blog entry.) Our youth are going on a camping trip this week for three days and I'm in charge of the food. I am a total non-camper, so this is a challenge, but it's cooking, so I'm happy to learn.

I need to just stop worrying about making much progress until I get back from all of my trips, but I'm not a patient person and I want everything done yesterday.


Marie N. said...

There are some nice videos for beginning knitters at the libraries here -- I bet you'd find the same in your town. It is always nicest to have the in-person help, I know. Good luck with all your projects!

Devona said...

I'm jealous that you got to go to The Feast. I was suposed to be a helper and adult chaperone, but I came down with a sudden case of Pregnancy in late December (hehe) so I'm a whale right now.

The kids from our church had a blast (and aparently met quite a few boys, mostly pastors' sons). :)

RPW said...

Jane....I leave in a week. So if you want to get together this week and get you some yarn at Cass Street and start something...give me a call!!! I can at least teach you to knit and purl!!!

Genuine Lustre said...

Why is everyone mulling over things that happened at the The Feast? What am I missing?

Aaron.D.Nemoyer said...

Always hard to get over the HT conferences after they're over.