Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Four Lies

I was tagged by my friend Jennifer, who got this from a page of writing prompts for kids. (WHich incidentally looks like a really great site!)

Write five things about yourself with only ONE of them being true. The other four are fiction, and everyone else gets to guess which one is not fiction.

1. When I was 17 I backed my 10-year-old Oldsmobile into my boyfriend's parents new Oldsmobile.
2. I threw up while bungee jumping at Deer Creek Music Center (now the Verizon Wireless Music Center) in May of 1999.
3. I locked myself out of my running minivan with 18-month-old Andrew inside in his car seat.
4. When I was taking trampoline lessons in seventh grade I missed the tramp and broke my wrist.
5. I spilled a tray of drinks in Gene Keady's lap when I was waiting on him at Damon's in Lafayette, Indiana.

So which one is true?

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