Monday, February 20, 2006

Feeling Blocked

You know, I think I finally figured out today why I've been having trouble finding anything to write. First, most of my blog time has been spent on the seemingly endless job of switching things over. I haven't even been getting to read much. Often my posting is caused by the things that I read bouncing around in my brain.

The other big problem is that the news is driving me nuts. The whole Cheney hunting thing, which was STILL a lead story on a newcast I saw this morning is a perfect example of the media making a huge effort to give a story legs.

I'm not brave enough to post what I think about the cartoons.

And then there's the idea of turning over the management of six major ports to a state-owned company from the United Arab Emirates.

The Olympics are boring. You know when the main thing people are talking about is a fall taken by a Candian ice dancer it is a slow Olympics!

I'm hoping this has cleared the logjam. A little sunshine wouldn't hurt any. Wish I was in Palm Springs with my husband!

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Genuine Lustre said...

Jane - not to beat a dead horse, but did you see the video of Jay Leno allegedly interviewing Cheney? Very funny.I don't know where I saw it. You can google for it.