Sunday, May 08, 2016

Things you never saw being a part of your life

Sometimes life takes us in directions we didn't expect to go. Definitely the most profound and life-changing of those for me was getting married at 20 and having my first child at 21. I wasn't planning on kids. Certainly not at 21. And definitely not many!

And no way was I going to be a stay-at-home mom.

Well, things changed. Four kids. HOMESCHOOLING stay-at-home- mom. And the only changes I would make if I could go back, would be to enjoy it more and not to have been so worried about doing something more. (You know, to really "contribute" to the family. To "use my brains." Et cetera. Ad nauseum.)

So that was good. But that's not what this post is about.

There are some things that you REALLY don't expect to be part of your life. Things you wouldn't choose, but don't have much control over. Sometimes your husband has a heart attack, and survives, but seems to have lost his mind a little bit.


I love these ladies. But the vest? Not so much.
I haven't been on it yet, but that is apparently part of the deal. But so much not part of the plan.

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Maureen said...

Well, I have to agree with you about the patches. I Like the style of the vests, but I don't like the patch for either the guys or the girls. But Especially for the girls. They are ugly. I voiced my opinion when it was up for a vote, but you can see where that went.
As for riding on the bike, I didn't like the turns, and curves at first. They actually REALLY scared me, and I made Mark slow down, a lot. I am better with them now, and rather enjoy them. Big curves I like. When there are lots of smaller ones, I find I do just fine, if I close my eyes, and don't see them coming. Then I'm able to stay upright and not be afraid.
It will take getting used to, but I hope after a while, that you love it as much as most (or all) of us do. I did get my ride in, the day before we left for Mayo clinic. I spread my arms and "FLEW" for a while. (I Love doing that!)And that's what I thought of when they put me to sleep for my first surgery.
Since I probably won't be able to ride at all this summer, keep me informed on what you think about riding!!