Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trying to regain lost ground

I have always been in decent shape. I've never been a great athlete, but I've always been relatively strong, have had good stamina, and worked hard to stay flexible. And I've always enjoyed moving, whether walking, playing tennis, swimming, or dancing.

But the last few years have really taken their toll. I was rear-ended at a low speed, which really fired up my existing neck problems. Then I totaled a car. Then I was hit in the lower back by a motorized grocery cart. (!!!) Then I was in another car when it was totaled and cracked a rib. Then I had carpal tunnel surgery and a couple of falls. So I have had several year s of low activity.

The fact that all of this happened as I moved toward and past fifty probably didn't help.

I have lost a lot of fitness ground the past few years, and I've decided that I need to start getting some of it back. Because I already have arthritis and quite a bit of chronic pain from an old neck injury and my ankle reconstruction, anything too vigorous is out, but I've been walking daily, spending quite a bit of time in my pool,  and now after a couple of massages to help out with some of the worst pain and stiffness, I am getting ready to start a yoga class.

I don't want to be weak. Or stiff. I will definitely be in pain, no matter what I do, so I'd rather be hurting while I'm moving, instead of sitting still.


Carol Winters said...

Come join me at Yoga on Monday nights, 6p-7p - Sonshine Christiand Academy on Homestead Road. Only $5!!

Elephantschild said...

Let me know how the yoga goes. I have been very curious about it, wondering if it would help me and be ok for me, but after trying some yoga at home with a DVD and injuring my foot, I've been sort of reluctant to try a class.

RPW said...

E.C., if you took a class, you could talk with the instructor and she could help you avoid exercises that would place undue pressure on your foot. Also, look for a class that isn't strenuous. Some are meant to be. Others are not.

I am there, too, Jane. I wish you success!

Anonymous said...
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Maureen said...

Well, You wrote this just about a year ago, but I just read it now, and it applies to me also. I NEVER EVER thought I would come out of my "Not so difficult" heart surgery like I have. With about 10% of my strength left. I too have always been active, and in relatively good shape. But having unexpected open heart surgery, took a toll on me, as I'm sure it does anyone!!
So I have begun the uphill battle to get strong and back in shape. It has already been a challenge, with a setback of Pneumonia and another hospitalization. But I will stay with it, for as long as I must, setbacks or not!! I feel much better when I move, like you Jane. Good luck to both of us!!