Monday, December 16, 2013

This is definitely what you call a first world problem

I know that some of you are going to think that I'm crazy, but this has been bugging me.

I want to go someplace that requires me to dress up. Really, really dress up.

We used to have some fancy holiday events to attend for Colin's job. At one time there were some fairly formal events for the Bach Collegium. But since Colin's job left town there are no more parties or events, and the Collegium events are far more ordinary than they used to be.

I dress nicely for church, concerts, the theater, and any other chance I get, but I want to get REALLY dressed up. Long skirt, sparkly jewelry, cute little clutch bag, the whole bit.

Maybe it's because really dressed up usually means we're going out and doing something fun. It's possible that my real desire is to go out and have fun with my husband. (And preferably some fun friends, too.)

But I still want an opportunity to get really dressed up.


Melody said...

Me, too! Even weddings anymore don't call for really dressing up. I know it makes it easier on everyone's pocketbook, but it really was fun. I miss the days when we would have company dinners at the Field Museum, too, although those were short-dress affairs. (Too many 20-somethings who thought wearing pantyhose was dressing up!) When my grandmother broke up house, she gave Mary a number of vintage dresses, including some really pretty formals. Well, maybe if she keeps dating The Marine, she'll go to the Marine Corps ball! Ladies still wear long dresses to that.

Annalise said...

Totally agree. Sounds like a real ball is in order.

Jane said...


I probably miss the Bach Ball the most of anything that we used to do.

Hmmmm, I wonder how one goes about having a ball....

Owner said...

I was just wishing the same thing last weekend! We have a university employee party that is very nice, but a family event, not formal. I got out my satin cocktail dress, and looked over at Jason wearing jeans and a sweater. (We compromised.) At least I can perform concerts once in a while, but still, not the same.

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