Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updated to-do list

Thanks to Susan visiting and commenting on my almost-forgotten to-do list, I did some updating today. A lot has happened in the last four years that wasn't on that list.

It didn't say get a job.
It didn't say graduate two sons from our homeschool and send them to college.
It didn't say find your husband an apartment in another city so that he can spend five days a week elsewhere.
It didn't say plan and host a wedding. Or become a Grandma.
It didn't say buy a money pit and invest huge chunks of your timeinto tearing apart and fixing up.
It didn't say take some time almost every day in the summer to enjoy your pool. Or have a beer with your neighbor, or go for a walk with your sons. But I'm glad that I've done these things.


Susan said...

Ah, "make money doing what you love." I know folding bulletins might not be the highlight of your job. But from some of the things you've posted about working at church, and the people, and the music, and the adjustability of schedule, that's not too shabby.

Jane said...

You are absolutely right, Susan. I love my job. I would do it even if they couldn't pay me. :)

Emily Cook said...

Yes, it turns out my list must be written in pencil. I guess I'm not as in control here as I thought I was.

But, that's not all bad :)


Jane said...

Exactly, Emily. :)