Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garden food

I'm hoping that by posting this here I will remember in the spring, when I don't feel like tilling and planting, and in the heat, when I don't feel like weeding and planting that second round, why I have a garden.

Tonight's dinner was yet another marvelous collection of garden goodness. We have had so much wonderful pesto this summer. We have had zucchini sauteed, in cookies, and--as it was tonight--in pasta. Tonight we added a red pepper from the garden and, garlic from the farmers' market, and some of last night's leftover chicken.

Last night we had roasted chicken accompanied by roasted beets, turnips, and carrots from the garden. We've had cukes on our salads, and tomorrow night we'll have a cucumber and yogurt salad with some korma. Early in the season we had many wonderful mixed green salads and hope to enjoy a second round this fall. In the meantime, we're about to get the first of what promises to be a flood of tomatoes.

It is so worth the work. So worth it.


Susan said...

Our potatoes were ready to be dug before we came to FtW. Haven't gotten to it yet. But when we do, here, pretty soon!, I would like to make that another lettuce patch. Will it begin to grow now even with the heat, but then be nice (and not bolt) in late Sept or early October?

Jane said...

As long as September isn't unusually hot, it will be good.