Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Last year I posted about wearing our hats to church on Easter. A picture of the ladies from Redeemer was in the local paper, and then later there was an article in The Lutheran Witness. It has been fun this year to see friends at other churches talking about getting women to wear hats, and to hear from former Redeemer members who took the hat-resurgence to another congregation with them. Here's a post from one friend who has started the tradition at her church.

We wore ours again this year. I hope to have a picture of all of us soon, but until then my favorite from the day (thanks to Nancy Nus):


Ewe said...

Thanks, Jane! I like your hat!

Ewe said...

Do you know if there is someone "official" that I should send my photos to?

Mom said...

Love the photo! Jane, I'm so pleased to be able to see your "total look." I like it :)