Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

This is the anniversary of another one of my favorite days. Twelve years ago today Andrew Robert Casey made his grand entrance in Highland Park, Illinois. He has been keeping life fun and interesting ever since!

All the world is indeed a stage for this child. He is a total ham. Until he was about 4 he honestly believed he could fly.

Here he is at four. That sparkle in the eye tells you all you need to know!

Here he is at nine playing soccer. His main occupation on the soccer field is always checking to see who's watching him.

I love this picture from the spring of 2006 at Foster Park.

This picture of him with his big brothers at the Milwaukee Zoo this summer is pretty typical.

And then there's this view of him captured by his sister:

This really catches my favorite side of him that I have been fortunate to see lots of over the years. This is the sweet Andrew who would snuggle on my lap in the mornings and who always has to hug hello and goodbye with his brothers and sisters, grandpas and grandmas, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, cats....

And he's growing up quickly. By the time his next birthday rolls around he's going to be taller than I. I keep getting alternating glimpses of my sweet, goofy, slightly spoiled baby and the man he's going to become. You'd think by the time my third son is hitting this stage I'd be getting used to it, but this is my baby!

So, happy birthday, Andrew!


Misty said...

very sweet... and so cool to see him grow through your photos. Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Elephantschild said...

You have the most beautiful children! What a nice kid.

(BTW, my dd is five, and she honestly thinks she can fly. Scary!)

Jennifer said...

Aw, happy birthday to your handsome boy!

RPW said...

Happy Birthday Andrew...and yes, I agree, he is a nice kid!!

Melynda said...

Such a sweetie! I bet he came home on your bday!

Jennifer said...

And happy birthday to you today!