Saturday, September 15, 2007


A bunch of ladies from our church and assorted friends have been playing Bunko one Sunday night a month for two years now. We never worry about having even tables of four, but it almost always works out. We have food, wine, and lots of laughing.

Look! My dining room table is clean! No scrapbooking stuff!

This is the tiramisu from the Pioneer Woman Cooks. It was incredible! Although I do know two things that I want to do slightly better next time. Some of my lady fingers weren't quite soaked with the espresso, and I want to use a slightly smaller pan. (The Pampered Chef pan is bigger than a true 9X13.)


Jennifer said...

I'd love to come play Bunco with you. It looks like you all have a great time.

Misty said...

HOW FUN! what a great idea!!!